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FAQ on Financial Aid

1Who is eligible for Infant/Child care subsidy?
For Infant Care Subsidy: The infant must be a Singapore Citizen aged between 2 to18 months.
For Child Care Subsidy: The child must be a Singapore Citizen aged between 18 months to below 7 years old

2What is the quantum of subsidies for Working and Non Working Mothers
The criteria for the following subsidies are:

Child must be Singaporean; and

One parent must be Singaporean.

Programme (Daily Care) Non-Working
Working Mothers Non-Working Mothers Working Mothers
  Infant Care Subsidies Infant Care Subsidy Child Care Subsidies Childcare Subsidies
Full-day Care $150 $600 $150 $300
Half-day Care $150 $300 $150 $150

3Are single fathers eligible for the infant and child care subsidies?
Yes, single fathers are eligible. Single fathers should inform the child care centre and submit one of the following documents to show he is a single father:

Death Certificate of mother

Separation Deed/ Decree Nisi Absolute

Custody papers

Statutory Declaration or Police Report stating that the child's mother has left home with unknown contact


4Are there further assistance for families with financial difficulties?
Families with gross monthly household income of $3500 and below or per capita income of $875 and below, may apply for ComCare Child Care Subsidies.

ComCare provides a subsidy for your child's child care fee every month, up to the maximum amount shown in the table below. This subsidy is given in addition to the universal government child care subsidy.

ComCare's Child Care Subsidy

Gross Monthly Household Income Gross Per Capita Income (PCI) (WEF 1 April 2012) Maximum monthly subsidy
(full day child care)
Maximum monthly subsidy
(half day child care)
≤$1,500 $<375 $340 $170
$1,501 -$2,000 $376-500 $300 $150
$2,001 -$2,200 $501-550 $270 $135
$2,201 -$2,400 $551-600 $240 $120
$2,401 -$2,600 $601-650 $210 $105
$2,601 -$2,800 $651-700 $180 $90
$2,801 -$3,000 $701-750 $150 $75
$3,001 -$3,200 $751-800 $120 $60
$3,201 -$3,400 $801-850 $90 $45
$3,401 -$3,500 $851-875 $60 $30

Start-up Grant for Needy Families

Parents may also receive a S$1,000 start-up grant for each child. The grant can be used to pay for the deposit, registration fee, uniforms and insurance expenses payable at the beginning of the year.

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