A unique combination
of Montessori, inquiry-based
and theme-based learning

A unique combination
of Montessori, inquiry-based
and theme-based learning

Customised lessons that boost your child’s strengths

A multilingual environment from nursery age up

A multilingual environment from nursery age up

Learning experiences with exciting and diverse activities

The Wharton Way

learning for
each child

We recognise that each child is unique and learn at different pace; our curriculum is customised to suit his learning needs with a low teacher-child ratio.

ready curriculum

A unique combination of Montessori methodologies, inquiry-based and play-based thematic learning provides a well-rounded start to your child’s individual learning journey.

Higher Chinese

By learning to write and speak Mandarin in daily activities, your child is immersed in the Chinese language from the very beginning in a curriculum planned to prepare them to master Higher Chinese in primary school.


From yoga to gardening, painting to sports, your child will explore a wide range of preschool enrichment activities designed to help them learn new skills and discover a hobby they love.

Our Preschool Programs


In this foundational stage of your child’s development, we aim to help your child learn to build meaningful human relationships as well as care and appreciation for the environment
we live in.

Intermediate Stage (N2 – K1)

These are interesting and empowering years for your child. They will quickly develop their speech and gross and fine motor skills.

Advanced Stage (K2)

While we continue to develop your child’s social and emotional skills, we focus on the academic skills that will serve them well in Primary 1.

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About wharton

We create an environment designed to nurture the important attributes of your child – resilience, confidence, compassion, social integration, discipline – that will benefit them for life. We do this through the activities your child experiences with us, including art and craft, speech and drama, and the various outdoor and indoor activities we plan.


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