At Wharton Preschool, our aim is to nurture confident, happy children who have their own passions, unique personalities and unlimited potential.

Your child will have the freedom to choose what they want to learn in a safe, non-judgemental environment in a way that helps develop their problem-solving and social awareness skills, and encourages them to be confident of themselves.

This sparks a love for learning that grows as your child transitions from preschool to primary school.

Positive reinforcement prepares your child
for school and for life

Life is full of challenges.
Your child will be able to successfully overcome these at every stage by

Learning how to look at
things from different

Exploring cultures from
around the world

Understanding essential
core values, like patience
and respecting your peers

Participating in peer
learning and self-learning

Finding out how to play to
their strengths

With a combination of Montessori methodology, inquiry-based learning and play-based thematic learning, education at Wharton is enjoyable and exciting for children of all learning abilities.

Let your child be the judge

Choosing the right preschool for your child is a big decision and we know how important it is to get that right. That’s why we offer a Free Trial Class at any of our centres so that your child can come and explore for themselves.

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We create an environment designed to nurture the important attributes of your child – resilience, confidence, compassion, social integration, discipline – that will benefit them for life. We do this through the activities your child experiences with us, including art and craft, speech and drama, and the various outdoor and indoor activities we plan.

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