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Our Design Vision – A living and learning Space

A terrarium is a mini ecosystem that nurtures the most tender of plants. In the same way, the Wharton pre-school experience is designed to nurture even the most tender of mankind. We pay attention to dimension, acoustics, light and space and examine how children use and interact in that space we have created.

Wharton@Serangoon North

Our 8,000 sqft centre is conveniently located at Serangoon North within close vicinity of town areas.

It caters well to city-dwelling families who value the convenience of location without having to compromise on large open learning spaces for their children.

Apart from the state of the art classrooms, the centre is also equipped with a multimedia room and a modularised music room.

Wharton@East Coast

Our 20,000 sqft campus is a house on the East Coast that sits on a vast plot of green land. This large home is the perfect setting for your child to explore and discover the activities that take their interest in the various stations of learning.

With the advantage of an expansive garden area, your child can also explore the outdoors and get their green fingers dirty!

The Learning Stations

Montessori Learning

Creative and Team Project

Multimedia Room*

Modularised Music

A Reading and Counseling

Psychomotor and Home
Science Area

Indoor Play

Student Care

*Available at Wharton@Serangoon North

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About wharton

We create an environment designed to nurture the important attributes of your child – resilience, confidence, compassion, social integration, discipline – that will benefit them for life. We do this through the activities your child experiences with us, including art and craft, speech and drama, and the various outdoor and indoor activities we plan.


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