If your child enjoys learning, they will not only develop holistically but also succeed later in life.

Celebrate your child’s uniqueness and encourage them to think outside the box in a preschool with a varied and unique curriculum – the first step in a positive learning journey.

Not only will you prepare your child for a successful transition to primary school, but you can relax knowing they are in the best place they can be when you drop them off for the day.

Set your child up for success

Positive learning
experiences with plenty of

Robust teaching

Built-in enrichment

Suited to your family routine

Access to real-time online
updates on your child’s
daily progress

Learning challenge support,
e.g. incorporation of child’s
therapist into school day

Flexible schedules, e.g. for
family bonding time at

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About wharton

We create an environment designed to nurture the important attributes of your child – resilience, confidence, compassion, social integration, discipline – that will benefit them for life. We do this through the activities your child experiences with us, including art and craft, speech and drama, and the various outdoor and indoor activities we plan.


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