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Passport to the World Open House

We are about to embark on a journey to the World from Wharton International Airport @ Popular HQ Building. The plane takes off at 9.30am sharp!

This tour of a lifetime will take you to France, China, India, USA, Philippines and more.  There are loads Dramatic, Sensorial, Creative and Musical activities from our friendly local guides.  Learn and sample the delectable dishes curated by our cooks and make your own souvenirs.

Register for your (limited) first class seat today.  We will have your passport, boarding pass and welcome packs are ready and waiting at our Check-in counter.

Enjoy up to to $2,140 worth of perks on Open House day. Enrol your child, you get a chance at “The Odds are Even Better” Spin for an additional up to $1,445 of vouchers, fee waivers, uniform and complimentary transportation.

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We create an environment designed to nurture the important attributes in your child – resilience, confidence, compassion, social integration, discipline – that will benefit them for life. We do this through the activities your child experiences with us, including art and craft, speech and drama, and the various outdoor and indoor activities we plan.


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